1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Brought forward — 100
2 five-line directions of 18 routes — 36
2 six-line ,, „ 36 „ — 72
12 seven-line ,, ,,36 „ — 432
Total 640
We thus see that there are just 640 different routes in all, which
is the correct answer to the puzzle.
The Skipper and the Sea-Serpent.
Each of the three pieces was clearly three cables long. But
Simon persisted in assuming that the cuts were made transversely,
or across, and that therefore the complete length was nine cables.
The skipper, however, explained (and the point is quite as veracious
as the rest of his yarn) that his cuts were made longitudinally—
straight from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail! The
complete length was therefore only three cables, the same as each
piece. Simon was not asked the exact length of the serpent, but
how long it
have been. It must have been at least three
cables long, though it might have been (the skipper's statement
apart) anything from that up to nine cables, according to the
direction of the cuts.
The Dorcas Society.
If there were twelve ladies in all, there would be 132 kisses
among the ladies alone, leaving twelve more to be exchanged with
the curate—six to be given by him and six to be received. There-
fore of the twelve ladies, six would be his sisters. Consequently, if
twelve could do the work in four and a half months, six ladies
would do it in twice the time—four and a half months longer—
which is the correct answer.
At first sight there might appear to be some ambiguity about the
words, " Everybody kissed everybody else, except, of course, the
bashful young man himself." Might this not be held to imply that

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