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NPComplete - Superfluidity and if accurate Navier Stokes

See the waves...

Having a very practical need to simulate superfluidity or close to it, in the way brains think in loops so each part of the brain keeps getting feedback about any idea going out, all possible loops of connected neurons would do it, but when you can't try every combination, you have only superfluidity left to make sure the incoming and outgoing flow of information (seen as arrows between neurons or pixels or words) is equal even when the network of possible paths is too confusing and big to navigate and know if there even is a way back other than the way you left.

Exactly simulating superfluidity through the NPComplete problem will be completely still through at least 1 node if no such path exists. Otherwise it must branch or merge somewhere like a simple loop of nodes except replace 1 edge with 2 more nodes and 4 edges where that edge was removed, to the 2 nodes. You may rotate within the 4 nodes while the other nodes are still, but any other move is not unitary at those 3 way splits.

It will find other paths too, using less nodes, and I also want it for that.

Also, I think this is true

Its also useful for the immediate detection of a hacker anywhere in the global peer to peer network (in certain ways of running it, when you don't want to allow private spaces and disagreements of the multiverse of ways the shared space could be), unless they can hack the system without making a single wave by changing a bit which echos in many directions all through the network. This is why I like decentralized/peer, not because of file sharing. Theres no bottlenecks or central structures to complicate things.

A subtle point of hacker detection... You can see if your connections to other computers are violating conservation of momentum through their simulated pipes (network routing of brainwaves), but for the same reason it tells you there exist paths without locally telling you the paths, we can know there is a hacker without knowing where or what they hacked. Anyone who remains in the network while it contains a hacker should be disconnected.

True to Heisenberg uncertainty, unless P equals NP, you can verify conservation of momentum in the network only while you don't exactly know the position of the simulated flows, since you'd have to bring the whole flow to a halt to have time to count it and harder is you have to find a substitute for superfluidity to tell you about all paths in the system. If everyone takes the time to agree on all the positions in the network, then we have no way to know this is still true since it has stopped flowing to/from us.
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