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Circles and arrays problem

A Corsican old man had two sons. He was the owner of a small flat island; shaped like a perfect circle of 100m diameter.
One day this old man dies, and each of the sons herits of one half of the island. One of the sons is an agricultor; the
other one is a breeder, he owns a sheep.

The most logical to split the island in two, was to build a wire fence just in the middle of the island, on a diameter
line if you want. However, Corsican people are not known to be much labor-minded.

So the breeder suggests: "Why not tying my sheep to a centric stake, just in the middle of the island; I'd just give him
enough rope so that he will eat only half of the island's grass ?"

The agricultor did not agree: "And how are you going to visit you sheep ? You'd have to trample down my cultures each time,
with your big corsican feet !"

Then the breeder had this idea: "Well then I'll tie up my sheep just on the border of the island, and also will give
him just enough rope so that he will have access to only half of the island's area."

Problem is : how long is the rope ?

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Try here for an archived discussion.
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arrays, circles, problem

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