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February 16th, 2009, 01:13 AM   #1
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calc. help - calc. route based on waypoints, angle and speed

Hi All,
bcause of my brain keeps forgetting and my school clever notes are I don't know where I would like to ask you for your help.

I hope that this will be clear:
- I have lets say 4 2d-coordinates A-(0,0), B-(0,3), C-(2,3), D-(2,1)
- I should keep their direction as much as possible but I don't have to go via them

- lets say I'm heading line/vector AB (emagine that we are in a car in a desert)
- to get to the coordinate C heading we need to make a turn to right and because of we want to save fuel and don't want to break we need to know an exact point when we can start to turn to right

And my question is - how to calculate this? It is 'written circle'? that depends on angle and speed? (I'm sorry but english isn't my native language).

We know the:
- corrdinates
- speed
- maximum angle that the 'car' can turn without accident

pls. can you help me with that? - some start directions?
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February 16th, 2009, 08:00 AM   #2
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Re: calc. help - calc. route based on waypoints, angle and speed

maximum angle that the 'car' can turn without accident
That I would think has a lot to do with the mass, distribution of mass as well, of the car, and the speed at which the car is moving.

Also, imagine a right triangle and you're driving along the legs and must touch all three corners. If you start at one corner, drive toward the right angle, to tough the right angle and withoust stopping want to turn, you can not start turning until you have gotten to the right angle, otherwise you'll be moving off the path (which, being a straight line, would be the fastest path).

Another thought would be, instead of driving along the leg, you can drive slightly angled to the left of the leg toward the right angle so that you may start turning before reaching the right angle, which will orient yourself toward the right angle and you'll cross it mid-turn. But again, the angle of the turn very much depends on physical properties of the vehicle and the velocity of said vehicle -- I'd think.
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