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May 19th, 2015, 11:51 AM   #1
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Can you solve this using algebraic long division?

I think I only understand algebraic long division if there's only 1 variable involved. How about this example with 2 variables?
I've tried it arranging both dividend and divisor in descending powers of x.The result I get is

Is this correct?
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May 19th, 2015, 12:09 PM   #2
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No, it's not- though its close. You can divide one more time. Write the integrand as - y- 5

divides into that times. Multiplying by that gives and subtracting that from leaves . divides into that -6y times. times -6y is and subtracting that from leaves 36y^3. will not divide into that so the quotient is with "remainder ".

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May 20th, 2015, 02:25 AM   #3
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Multiply the exponent of x by 3 giving

The answer is x^3

x^3 evaluates to x^3

Multiply x^3 and 6

Multiply x^3 and 1

The x^3 just gets copied along.

The answer is x^3

6*x^3 evaluates to 6x^3

Multiply y and x^3

Multiply the y and x^3

Multiply y and x^3

The y just gets copied along.

The x^3 just gets copied along.

The answer is yx^3

6*x^3*y evaluates to 6yx^3

6*x^3*y-y evaluates to 6yx^3-y

The answer is 6yx^3-y-5

6*x^3*y-y-5 evaluates to

Multiply the exponent of x by 2giving

The answer is x^2

x^2 evaluates to x^2

Multiply y and 6

Multiply y and 1

The y just gets copied along.

The answer is y


6*y evaluates to 6y

x^2+6*y evaluates to x^2+6y

Sorry, at this time the divisor may be a monomial AT MOST (e.g. contain only 1 term).
The answer below IS NOT correct.
(6*x^3*y-y-5)/(x^2+6*y) evaluates to 6yx^3-y-5

The final answer is 6yx^3-y-5
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