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Cstolworthy October 14th, 2008 08:10 AM

Logarithms, I think.

I am working on a problem where I am working with a dynamic range. Both the minimum and maximum can change, but both will always be positive numbers. (The lowest the min will ever be is zero). Sometimes the range can be quite large(1 - 10000). Now imagine you have a slider that represents this range, but the slider is limited in size. What I want is that when the slider is moved, the first 50% of it should select very small values. The last 50% will select ever increasing values up to meet the max.

Your range is 1 - 10000
When you first start sliding the values increment by 50, 75, etc. Then when you hit the halfway mark, it begins to increment by 200,500,1000. And when you hit the end of the slider, it selects 10,000.

If this isn't the right place for this question I apologize, and perhaps you have an idea where I can post it.


mathemusician October 15th, 2008 02:25 PM

Re: Logarithms, I think.
If you are looking for an equation that will do this, then you are correct, a logarithmic equation is the only type that will display this type of behavior. I am not sure of an exact equation, but it should not be hard to find on that does what you want.

Use ae^bx and play with a and b until you see something you like.

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