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September 5th, 2019, 06:14 AM   #1
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build an equation?

Good morning. I am having trouble coming up with a way to express an assignment. I am supposed to show how my dad uses math at work expressed in algebretic form. His job is to order medications for a clininic. So, it would look like this:
3 types of medication:
med A
med B
Med C
He currently has 38A, 13B, and 4C
over the next 2 days he will use medications
day F he will use -7A, -4B, and -2C
day G he will use -13A, -3B, and -1C

so I need to show how many he will need to order if any for the following days
Day X he will need 12A, 11B, and 21C
Day Y he will need 21A, 8B, and 4C
Day Z he will need 6A, 5B, and 3C
so the question is, how many of each of 3 medications will he need to order to supply day X,Y, and Z
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September 5th, 2019, 08:58 AM   #2
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You could think of it this way:
SA is the anticipated supply of med A at the end of any given day.
For example, after days F and G, SA = 38 - 7 - 13

TA is the target number of med A he wants to keep in stock at the end of the day.
TA = 0 means he will have just enough meds. TA = 20 means he will have 20 extra at the end of the day (common practice to always have extra, because life is not predictable).

OA is the number of med A units he will need to order.

So, assuming he orders early enough for the meds to be delivered on time,
SA + OA = TA (meds previously in stock, minus meds used, plus meds restocked, equals meds remaining)
For example, to have just barely enough med A to get through day G, 38-7-13+OA=0
OA = -18 (he still has 18, and doesn't need to order any more).
After day Z, 38-7-13-12-21-6+OA=0
OA = 21. He would have to have ordered 21 by that point in order not to run out.

Do the same for med B and med C, and for whichever days you're looking at.

Does that help?
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build, equation

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