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Refreshing need help

Jeff financial aid stipulates that his tuition cannot exceed \$1500. If his local community college charges a \$75 registration fee plus \$215 per course, what is the greatest number of courses Jeff can register for? Express the problem as an inequality before solving.

Jeff has decided that the best coffee is 48% caffeinated; he cannot find a bag of coffee with this caffeine level. However, he purchases a bag that is 40% caffeinated and a bag that is 52% caffeinated. He plans on mixing these two types of coffee together to get to the optimal 48% caffeine level. If he wants 16 ounces of this mixture, how many of each type should he use? Round to the nearest tenth.

I need work formula too plz so I can know how to do these self-teaching.

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If Jeff registers for k courses, he needs 75 + 215k $\leqslant$ 1500 to be satisfied,
so the maximum value of k is 6 (the integer part of (1500 - 75)/215).
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