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Beam Equation

I might be in the wrong place, let me know where to go [kindly, ha] if I am.

I havn't had math and physics etc since 1956 and never had the course "Strength of Materials"; I have a beam equation that I'd like answers to; it's not for a test, nor anything but my info, and I'd like some help drawing a Shear Diagram, a Moment Diagram, then to find the max deflection value.

If there is a more "Structural" forum that you know of, let me know. Else if I HAVE any takers here, let me know. The problem is not easy to diagram as I have no tools to DO IT. So it'd have to be all words, carefully presented.

The beam is freely supported at each end and is 11.000 ft long.

There are POINT loads [I don't want to approximate a uniformally loaded problem; I want it to be specific for these loads.

in from the left end 0.5 ft is a load of 75 lbs, in 1.5 ft is a load of 70 lbs, in 2.5 ft is 65 lbs, in 3.5 ft is 60 lbs, in 4.5 ft is 55 lbs, and in 5.5 ft [the middle] is 50 lbs, then the loading is symetrical, starting in from the right, 0.5 ft is 75 lbs, in 1.5 ft is 70 lbs, etc; total load of 700 lbs if I can still add correctly. So of course then I'd have 350 lbs on each end, but I can't get STARTED to even find the Shear forces as they increase/decrease towards the middle, then of course, same thing on creating a Bending Moment Diagram.

If you can help, help me and thanks, if you've gotta send me away, do it kindly, ok?


LarryR : )
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