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Singificance levels, critical values and p-value. Help!!!!

I am currently analysing my data which is what brought me to your forum. I have two variables: a pupil's level of Musical Capital [MC] and a pupil's level of engagement in lessons. Both of these variables have been coded into numeric form and i am looking at their relationship to see if MC affects engagement. I have so far done quite a lot of statistics research and i understand a lot more than i thought i would, but need a couple of things clarifying...

Would you agree that with the data i have and the fact that im looking at a relationship between two variables, i can use a null-hypothesis, a significance level and a p-value?

Ihave set the two variables on an X and Y axis and they present a positive correlation (0.74 correlation coefficient).

the p-value i am using is 0.05 (95% sure the results could not be found by chance- is this correct?)

i have an f-test value of 9.98904E-16, which i think means my variances are not equal, therefore i have to use un-equal variance in the t-test. (Am i on the right tracks?)

I am not sure whether to use a one tailed or two tailed t-test. I do know the supposed direction of difference of my findings, but am i right in thinking its just safer to use a two tailed test in all cases?

I have used excel to find out the t-test value which is 0.001117649. In fact, it is the same for a one-tailed and two-tailed test. What does this show me?

Now that i have my t-test figure, what does it mean? Do you know of a good stats website that will tell me what this number is showing? Its all very well having it, but i would like to know how to use it!

By 'test for normality', does this mean the p-value?

Thank you , and please yell if i'm on the wrong lines!
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