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sample exeriment-need help finding "statistic" and "result"

Please help, I'm lost. Someone please help me find how to get a sample "Statistic" and sample "Result". I have to come up with a theoretical sample experiment. I don't think I even did this right. I'm stuck on concluding the experiment with Statistic, Result and Conclusion. Any errors or critiques to this I'm open to it.... I have no idea what I'm doing. Here's what I have so far........

The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether or not television influences the way a child behaves. We will determine if there is a significant link to the behavioral effects of repeated exposure to media violence.

Null: Children who did not view the DVD clip and continued with the program will show the normal daily behaviors than those who watched the DVD clip.

Alternative: Children who watched the DVD clip will show a significance in aggressive behavior than those who did not watch the DVD clip.

Independent variable – whether or not a child watched the DVD clip.

Dependent variable – behavior scale number chart

Ho: u behavior scale number of viewers = u behavior scale of non-viewers;
Ha: u behavior scale number of viewers =/= u behavior scale number of non-viewers.

A group of 20 children aged 3 years old from a local child care facility, Children’s Haven Day Care, were the population being considered for the experiment. These children were students who were in the toddler program at the day care. There were a total of 10 boys and 10 girls that participated in this experiment. Two sets of students, each with a sample of N=10 subjects, which were randomly selected in the different groups. The two sets of subjects were considered ‘non-viewers’ of those a television show and the other set was considered of the group who did watch the television show.

A 20 minute clip from the Spiderman Animated Series DVD, a chart that shows a list of each child explaining the behavior conducted before, during and after the video session, and a consent form for each parent to sign for participation in the experiment.

All the children of the toddler program were observed in the morning for the 20 minutes prior to separating the two sets to watch the DVD clip. While evaluating each child’s behavior, acts of aggression such as yelling, hitting, pushing, shoving, and horse-playing were documented along with behavior such as sharing, role-playing and hugging. Each behavior ranged on a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 showing acts of friendliness up to 5 showing acts of aggression. The group of children were then randomly separated into two groups: 9 who were to continue their regular activity and 9 who were placed in a separate room to watch a 20 minute clip from the Spiderman Animated Series DVD. The clip had an extreme amount of action such as running, yelling, shoving, tackling and fighting. During the clipped, I assessed the behavior of each child watching the animated action series and documented the behavior on the chart scale. After the clip was over, I sent the children back to their room with the others who continued their regular activities and observed both sets playing together. I, once again, assessed the behavior of each child for an additional 20 minutes and looked for significant changes of behavior of those who watched the Spiderman clip towards the other children. I also watched the children who remained in their normal classroom to see if they kept the same type of behavior. After evaluating the behaviors, the scores were computed from the average of the behavioral scale for each child.



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