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Finding Critical values

1) Dr. Easy saw the scores from the MA-222 test and used the occasion to
test the old adage that girls are smarter than boys on subjects tested by
ACT. Assume the degrees of freedom for this problem is 28. Dr. Easy did the
arithmetic and found the value of the test statistic was 2.69 (alpha equals
0.05). What is the critical value (3 decimal places of significance)? If
the mean of the boys score was lower than the mean of the girls score can
she reject her null hypothesis? Yes or No.

2) Inspection of student data generated during pre/post treatment surveys
shows that among 10 subjects, 7 had higher scores after an experimental
treatment, 2 had lower scores, and 1 score did not change. Using the
traditional method of hypothesis testing, we need to determine if the
experimental course has any effect. Use an alpha level of 0.01. If the
computed test statistic is 2.36, what is the critical value (2 decimal
places of significance, and did the experimental course make a
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