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MrRusty March 3rd, 2019 12:59 AM

Calculating Significance actual vs expected
I have the following data from a horse racing database.

A trainer has had 6154 runners in his over all sample.

In a certain race type he has had the following...

runners = 419
observed winners = 145
expected winners = 119

I was wondering what is the best calculation to test for significance with this data.

Is this information enough to test using Chi Square as a measure?, all the examples I have seen seem to need at least 2 different groups to compare (in my example perhaps 2 different race types for this trainer)

I have computed data with 2 different race types and have the following...

|| ||races A ||Races B ||
||observed (o) ||402 ||145 ||
||expected(e) ||378 ||119 ||
||deviation (o-e)||24 ||26 ||
||deviation sq ||576 ||676 ||
||dev sq/e ||1.523809524||5.680672269 ||
||chi sq ||7.204481793|| ||

I am very rusty with statistics and quite annoyed with how much I have forgotten.Would be very grateful for any help with this query.

Thanks In Advance. :)

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