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May 29th, 2011, 02:48 AM   #1
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need help and solution

My name is ranna . now i have one question to ask all of you . i cannot do this exercices. please help me and try to detail about solution for me. i want clear solution because i am not so well about it. i have 2 question a and b.
a. ? are all Fundamentals and P (?) all parts of ?, the most complete tribe on ?. Let X be a real application on ?. Show that X is a random variable on (?, P (?)).

b. A part prope nonempty ? (ie, A ? ?, A ? ?) and the tribe associated A = {?, A, A ?, ?}. We define the real application Y on ? by: Y (a) = 1 if a?A and Y (a) = 0 otherwise. Show that Y is a random variable Discreet on (?, A). If the probability P is defined on (?, A) P (A) = p where p? ] 0.1 [, calculate P (Y> -2), p_y (0), P (Y <0.5 ) And P (Y = 1 or 2).

the original is in franch but i go to translate it in google translate . so please detail when u solution. Thanks in Advance.
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