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March 21st, 2015, 06:46 AM   #1
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I am going to learn these Mathematics topics . Looking for suggestions?

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First of all , here is a little background of myself. I am terrible when it comes to Mathematics( totally suck at it) all because of the worst choice I made in high school. I opted for programming instead of Mathematics because I've always hated math. I am basically suffering now because of this choice. I had mathematics in my first semester and I somehow managed to pass the test because I scored good in internals and that doesn't require one to learn math. whenever I got assignments I just copied contents from internet and from few friends who actually know what is going on so I barely passed with very very low score.

In my upcoming semester i have these topics ( Photo attached below ) and frankly speaking I don't know anything about these topics. I decided to face mathematics and not to run from it. I am good at programming and I am confident about it. I love programming but without mathematics there is no point in advancing in the field of programming.

Worst of all I have only 2 months to learn these topics. I approached my professor and he told me that I can learn it on my own if I spend time learning these topics few hours every day. I wanna know if it possible for me to learn these topics on! my own. I am looking for someone to point me to a right direction and how can I get started.

Thanks a lot for your time and sorry for my "not so good" english.

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Personally, I would do the following:

1. Get hold of the recommended textbooks listed at the bottom of the page.
2. Get hold of as many past exam papers as you can. Print them off and keep them in a folder.
3. Dedicate a week to each topic. Spend the first three days of each week reading material from the textbook, making notes on paper as you go and do the easier exercise questions in the books. The more questions you attempt, the better. The last couple of days (Friday and Saturday) should be spent doing exam questions on that topic from past papers. If you get really stuck on something, post the question and your attempt to this forum and we'll help you if we can. Whilst waiting for replies from us, attempt easier questions.
4. Leave Sunday as a rest day. Use this day to rest, rejuvenate, chill out and do anything other than maths. Meet with friends, play video games, watch TV... whatever you want. I don't recommend getting drunk or staying up late though because the Monday after will be much less productive if you're tired and feeling like crap.

It might not work for you, but it works for me and it has worked for some of my students in the past who have had pretty intense revision sessions for exams.

I'll be honest with you, 2 months is a very short amount of time. You will need to spend as much time as you can each day (I recommend at least 8 hours work per day!) on this and be as motivated and hardworking as you can, which might mean staying in and studying when your friends want you to go out and party! It will be very difficult to be able to learn everything on here in such a short amount of time, so you shouldn't consider it a defeat if you only learn a small portion of the syllabus in the two months.

You'll need a "challenge accepted" sort of attitude. Do your best and hopefully you'll pull through. Remember, it will be a tough couple of months, but it is just 2 months. After that, things will most likely get a lot easier and the knowledge will stay with you for a long time afterwards.

And if it makes you feel better, I have tutored someone else who has been in the exact same position as you and he eventually passed his exam, without cheating, with a "distinction" (70% or higher). It can be done, but it takes a lot of hard work. The guy really hated me for pushing him so hard to study (!), but the result speaks for itself and ultimately, it was his own hard work and ability to push himself and keep going that really mattered most.

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