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iamdaniel February 24th, 2012 11:10 PM

I want to get an MA in mathematics without getting a BA.
which classes are essential for this? I already almost have a BA and just want to take the necessary math classes for being able to understand grad school mathematics.

CRGreathouse February 25th, 2012 12:23 PM

Re: I want to get an MA in mathematics without getting a BA.
Many colleges offer a combined program that results in an MA, so you could look that up. But if you almost have your BA already there's not much of a difference between that and just taking the MA program.

The essential undergrad classes are abstract algebra, real analysis, complex analysis, number theory, combinatorics, and graph theory. The master's level will vary a lot but you'll certainly take more analysis and algebra.

mathmaniac55 April 6th, 2012 08:33 AM

Re: I want to get an MA in mathematics without getting a BA.
I think that if you want to get an MA in math then you should take a look at different opportunities given online. Although many people are sketchy about online degree's or taking online classes, I feel they are very beneficial and offer many fun courses that people enjoy. I am not exactly sure the best route to take in regards to getting an MA with out getting a BA but I know there are universities that will give you the opportunity to receive both in a very fast and effective way. One site I think you should look into is which gives great information on specific careers you can get with a degree like this. Another site I would recommend checking out is which is another site that gives you beneficial information on getting a math degree, salary projections, growth etc.

Anytime you are looking to get a degree I would say check out all of your options and see which fits best for you. Although many people prefer the standard living in a dorm room and going to an on campus school, this gives you another option if you don't have the ability, time or money to attend a school of that nature. Plus this gives you a great degree from amazing institutions and will allow you to start a great professional career.

Hope this helps a bit and best of luck!

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