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Automorphism in Finite Fields

I need help on the following question:

Let o be the automorphism in F_q in Prop II 1.5. Prove that the set of elements left fixed by o^j is the field F_k, k = p^d where d = gcd(j,f).

Prop II 1.5: Let F_q be the finite field of q = p^f elements, and let o be the map that sends every element to its p-th power: o(a) = a^p. Then o is an automorphism of the field F_q (a 1-1 map of the field to itself which preserves addition and multiplcation). The elements of F_q which are kept fixed by o are precisely the elements of the prime field F_p. The f-th power of (and no lower power) the map o is the identity map.
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Re: Automorphism in Finite Fields

For every m, divisor of n, there is a unique Field that is a subfield of the
To prove this, look at the enclosures of the roots of the polynomials that splits in those fields.
As well looking at the map of the roots we can establish that the more common dividers j has with f - the more roots stay fixed.
Consider this: has order this will help to show that is fixed
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