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Originally Posted by AplanisTophet View Post
With this, I think I’ve found all I care to know about math quite frankly. I view math as the study of statements that we can prove are true given the most basic of assertions that we take to be true, but I fear those basic assertions have left us at a point where we have both much we would like to know but cannot and much we might know to be true but cannot prove. I have hopes that discoveries in mathematics will still lead to results in physics, but delving further into the realm of pure mathematics involving the infinite seems quite fruitless.

All the best,
Originally Posted by Maschke View Post
Now look, THAT is cranky. The sane response to this should be, "Can you please help me understand what I'm missing?" That's exactly what I'm doing, and it's why I'm taking the trouble to unpack your exposition line by line and symbol by symbol.

But for you to think you found some incomprehensible mystery about the real numbers -- that my friend is a delusion.

You can see this, right? You did not break math. You're misunderstanding something about the reals. I'm diving in to try to help you sort it out.
Oh Maschke, you are a lovable idiot at least. Of course I don't think I broke math. When I say "I fear those basic assertions have left us at a point where we have both much we would like to know but cannot..." I'm taking about stuff like the Continuum Hypothesis and other actual mysteries, not my little question here.

But I can't have you spinning on and about when you clearly missed the point of what I was saying. I personally have discovered all I care to know when it comes to math at this point. I enjoyed reeling in the infinite a little and testing my intuition against some basic stuff. It was fun, but it's time for me to move on.

I'm wishing you a fond fare well. I doubt I'll have a reason to return to the forum. Maybe I'll be stumped on some stats stuff if I go for my phd 'when I grow up', we'll see.

Until then, again, all the best,

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